Discover the advantages of unidirectional carbon fiber

Unidirectional carbon fiber can be made in a woven or braided carbon reinforcement with all fibers running in a single, parallel direction. This makes it possible to create incredibly strong, light components. UD carbon fiber is often used for car bodies, sporting goods, boat hulls and aerospace rockets. Do you need maximum strength in one direction where it is needed the most? In that case, unidirectional carbon fiber is the reinforcement you are looking for. The UD carbon fiber products we offer, are:

  • UD woven tapes
  • UD fillers
  • Tubular elastic UD
  • Tri-axial braids

Standard and custom-made

For many applications

Various weights and densities

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Quick and professional service. They are thinking in Solutions

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Profit from standard or custom-made solutions

We offer various standard programs to cover a whole range of standard customer’s applications. These programs are deliverable from stock and ready to ship within a short time. Do you prefer a custom-made solution for your unidirectional carbon fiber? In that case, Eurocarbon is also there to help you out. We would love to provide you with unidirectional carbon fiber that completely fits your needs. Would you like to receive more information on UD carbon fiber? Get in touch with us via +31(0)46-4517280.

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