Braided carbon fiber sleeve

Eurocarbon uses high-quality carbon fiber to manufacture braids of different densities. These include light braided carbon fiber sleeves with 3k fibers, a 6k density for medium weight and 12k fibers for heavy braids. As the braid consists of continuous fibers, it offers efficient and even load distribution, high flexibility and can handle strong torsional loads. The braided carbon fiber sleeve is the end product of a simple and cost-effective process and can easily be fitted over a mandrel to create a strong and attractive tube. More information about the various braid possibilities can be found in the product brochure.

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Because braided carbon fiber is commonly used in the manufacturing of composite components, it is part of our standard programs. This means we always have it in stock and can quickly dispatch it to you in the desired weight and diameter. Contact us today to request a quote or call us at +31(0)46-4517280 to receive only the best solution for your application. Where necessary, we also offer custom-made braids fine-tuned to your unique requirements for higher performance and cost-effectiveness. We will gladly tell you more about these solutions when you contact us.

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