-5hopped carbon fiber strands are used in compression and injection molding application to produce machine parts, bicycle parts, gears. These parts are also referred as Forged Carbon Fibre composites.

Even a smaller amount can help your component to be anti static or to reinforce concrete constructions.
The fiber can be used in your DMC (Dough Molding Compound) and your BMC (Bulk Molding Compounds) as main or extra reinforcements.
There is also availability of a carbon and fiberglass mix (70/30).

Main properties of our chopped carbon fibre
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Creep and fatigue resistant
• Rigid / Durable
• Great formability due to the shorter fibers, complex geometries are easier to produce
• Anti static behavior
• Brings extra strength and stiffness in gap filling applications. Filler for resin rich areas
• Compatible with polyester, vinyl-ester, phenolic and epoxy resins.
• Great appearance.

Fiber PropertiesUnitsValues
Densityg/cm³1,77 – 1,8
Fiber length coppedmm6 – 9 – 12 – 18 – 24
Filament diameterμm7
Tensile strengthMpa4100 – 4900
Tensile modulusGpa230- 240
Elongation at break%1,5 – 2
Sizing typeEpoxy
Sizing levelWeight %1-1.3

Standard chop size is 6mm. Others sizes on request.



Standard Programs

To achieve a higher level of customer service, we have successfully implemented our standard product programmes for many years.



Besides our selection of standard programs, Eurocarbon produces a large variety of tailor made constructions.


Overbraiding & equipment

Overbraiding is the technique used to produce net shape cost-effective structural preforms.

Custom made woven tapes and braids

Custom made

We provide custom / tailor made solutions for our customers. Check the basic information required for a product proposal.

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