When fabrics are plied into 90 degree shapes a hollow space is created. In injection systems this hollow space will create a runner where the resin will go through without respecting the resin front. If this behavior is not desired a filler is needed to ‘plug’ the created resin channel and to provide local reinforcement. The fillers are also called ‘Gusset Filler’ or ‘Composite Noodle Filler’.

The filler area and the filler are indicated in red.


  • Easy to form into triangular shape
  • Permeability compatible with fabrics
  • Provide support for stringer profiles
  • Constant consistent architecture, compared to handmade fillers
  • Time and money saving when it comes to blocking your undesired runners
  • The fillers can be used for pultrusion rods

 UD and Braid In Braid filler, what’s the difference?

There are 2 different program’s for our fillers.

  • The braided UD filler ranging 1,7mm to 10mm in diameter
  • The Braid In Braid (BIB) filler 2mm to 11mm in diameter

The UD filler has a UD core inside which is easy to form in to the required radius. The UD fibres will provide bending stiffness in the end product.

If the product has to be ‘flexible’ or has to be able to bend, then our Braid In Braid program can be used. Due to the braiding angle, which is not UD or 0 degrees oriented, the stiffness is reduced to 50% compared to the UD core type.

The standard is a good way to start your engineering. Need something dedicated? See our Custom made Section.

The standard program is also available in fibreglass!!

How to select the correct filler size

If the type of filler is chosen, depending you product performance, the correct filler dimension has to be chosen. Each filler has a specific surface area in mm2 at a fiber volume fraction of 50%.

Follow the following steps to define a suitable filler for your application.


Determine the radius type, 1 or 2.

For example R= 7 type 1 BIB filler


Find your radius in the table and read the surface area in mm2 associated with type 1 or 2.

Result is 10,52 mm2

Look at the table for the cross section in mm2 for the filler.

Find a close match between the calculated  mm2 and the mm2 from the filler program.

The best match is Aero BIB 2003

Calculated = 10.52mm2, match is 10.5mm2


Our standard Aero Filler programm Braid-In-Braid BIB

The programm with NO UD inside. Aerospace certified carbon fibres.

Aero Filler BIB

Our standard program UD Filler

The programm with UD inside. Aerospace grade carbon fiber on request.

Ud filler Carbon
L-008-04 UD Filler
L-008-10 UD Filler

Standard Programs

To achieve a higher level of customer service, we have successfully implemented our standard product programmes for many years.



Besides our selection of standard programs, Eurocarbon produces a large variety of tailor made constructions.


Overbraiding & equipment

Overbraiding is the technique used to produce net shape cost-effective structural preforms.

Custom made woven tapes and braids

Custom made

We provide custom / tailor made solutions for our customers. Check the basic information required for a product proposal.

Would you like to get more information? Get in contact with one of our Agents!

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