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Preforms made by the Overbraiding Technique

• Overbraiding is the technique used to produce net shape cost-effective structural  preforms.
• During overbraiding the braid is placed directly onto a core, which has the inner geometry of the desired preform.
• By reciprocating the core through the braiding point a pre-selected number of layers can be braided to obtain the desired wall thickness/aerial weight.
• The lightweight core can remain in the product or a lost core technique can be used for production of a hollow product.

Benefits of Overbraiding

• Cost effective method and low waste rates (5-10%).
• Reproducible due to computer control and automated processes.
• Time saving compared to building your own preforms manually.
• Braiding angles are programmable from 15° to 80°.
• 0° (UD) yarns can be integrated to form a tri-axial braid.
• The ratio between bias and UD can vary from 100/0 up to 15/85.
• Hybrids are possible in the bias and in the UD direction.
• Excellent energy absorption in crash structures. Braided structures act as crack stoppers.
• Braided structures have a good resin permeability.
• Eccentric products are possible, even banana shaped preforms.
• Preforms injected with the RTM process can have a fiber volume fraction of 55%.

What we offer

• For each product an overbraiding machine and yarn configuration can be selected to produce your optimum preform.
• We have 15 years of experience in overbraiding and we are able, with our R&D team, to do the total preform development at Eurocarbon/Eurobraider.
• When a special braiding machine or extra equipment is needed, we can build it.
• We can offer a turn key solution and transfer of know-how, so you can produce your own preforms.
• Preform development and preform production can be done entirely in house..


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