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100% Limburg Bike funded project by the government

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100% Limburg Bike: smart, personalised and unbreakable

In the 100% Limburg Bike project, a personalized, tailor-made and safe frame is developed thanks to the application of various innovations. By using the concept with carbon tubes and 3D printed connectors, it is possible to make a tailor-made bicycle based on a person measured. Based on wishes for colors, patterns and various shapes, a unique bicycle can be created: there is only one of them.

The combination of Carbon with Dyneema® in the tubes and front fork make it a safe bike: the front fork and tubes will not break through overload and impact. The frame is an innovation platform for new technologies developed by knowledge parties at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in collaboration with the Limburg SME manufacturing companies. Also looking at a cross-border collaboration in Belgian Limburg.
This makes the project a showcase for Limburg as an innovation region and the regional development and production of high-end quality products. And how can this be more beautiful than with a product in cycling: socially relevant in a sport that is close to the heart of the Limburger and a sport where these innovations can also get their ultimate visibility.

In this project, the entire value chain is involved in the development of the frame. Innovations are implemented on the basis of the knowledge available in the region and the semi-finished products up to a market-ready high-end niche product.

The consortium of this project consists of the following SMEs and knowledge institutions:

  • SMEs: Belgian Cycling Factory, CeraCarbon racing, Mullens Sports & Health Innovations, Eurocarbon and KEMBIT.
  • Knowledge institutions: Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Brightlands Materials Center and CHILL – Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs

The individual innovations have great potential in other manufacturing industries, such as the safety and security sector, aerospace and automotive and motorsport. Thanks to this project, the techniques developed in this project will also be able to be introduced in these other markets.

00% Limburg Bike project is supported by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and by the Province of Limburg. They make money available for projects that contribute to the development of the Southern Netherlands Economy and in this case the innovative capacity of SMEs in particular.
100% Limburg Bike is subsidized by EFDR (via OPZuid) and the Province of Limburg.

Total grant: € 886,000
Total investment: € 1,846,000

More information? Check out the 100% LimburgBike website

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