There is a wide selection or products integrated into standard programmes to satisfy the standard needs and deliverable off the shelf. If you need a dedicated product, Eurocarbon can provide custom made construction according to your product demands. To produce these products, Eurocarbon has a large selection of braiding and weaving machines to choose from.
Besides the specialisation in continuous production of braids and woven tapes, we have specialized ourselves in the overbraiding technique since 1994 as a pioneer. The overbraiding technique is used to braid reinforcement fibres directly on top op a mandrell, creating a preform. The benefit of this proces is an automated, cheap and repeatable preforms, ready for injection with RTM or an other infusion process.
With our engineering team we design and build our own braiding installations and help equipment for any process. This capability is also used to make normal tailor made products where high degree of engineering is required.
We are working closely with universities, research institutes and composite producers to keep up with the latest trends.

Quality is a very important factor for Eurocarbon. 
Therefore we have installed the ISO 9001 system.

Large variety of market segments





Strategic Partnership

Innovators. Engineers. Partners.
Highland Industries, Inc. has signed an agreement with Eurocarbon B.V. for the exclusive manufacture and sale of braided and woven products utilizing Eurocarbon’s proprietary braiding technology in North and South America.


Below you can see some random samples of our Standard Program.

Note: The images are scaled 1:1 (cm) for a realistic impression. Hover over the images for a colored preview or download our Folder