Next to the tapes and braids for composites Eurocarbon also produces several tapes and braids of thermoplastics and natural fibres.

Among others we process the following fibre materials: 

– Polyester
– Polypropylene
– Polyethylene
– Cotton
– Saran
– Etc.

 A selection of products that can manufactured out of the above:


– Straps
– Tent tapes
– Bias tapes
– Piping tapes
– Twill tapes
– Saran tapes
– Elastic tapes
– Lash tapes
– Etc.

Braided Cords

In general we can produce cords of a diameter between 1mm and 12mm.

– Shoelaces
– Tent Cords
– Parasol Cords
– Oil wicks
– Etc.


– Round elastics from 1mm to 10mm
– Flat woven or braided elastics

Circular knitting-works

– Circular knitting-works for e.g. bags. 

Finishing of our articles

We can finish our products in many custom shapes. 
Our possibilities are: 

– Hot/cold products cut to length (possible chamfer cutting)
– Make up
– Blistering
– Packaging
– Tipping
– Etc.

For more information about our products and possibilities, please contact Peter Gommers.

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