A standard or custom-made carbon construction

Did you know we can provide you with a standard or a custom-made carbon construction? On our website, you will find our implemented standard programs, which cover a whole range of standard customer’s applications. These programs are available in stock and ready to ship within a short time. If a custom-made solution is required, we are also there to help you out. Such a solution, like a custom braid, is perfect when a standard carbon construction does not fit your needs. The product can be finetuned in the way you need it to be.

Standard and custom-made

For many applications

Various weights and densities

What our customers say about us

Quick and professional service. They are thinking in Solutions

They are specialists in overbraiding and concept thinking!

They provide the correct product advise for my application 

Get in touch with one of our agents

As an experienced supplier of carbon constructions, we are active worldwide. This means you can contact an agent close to you for more information about our services or products. For example, you can contact an agent in France, Taiwan, Denmark, South Africa or India. If your country is not part of the list, contact Eurocarbon directly by calling +31(0)46-4517280.

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