Installation of artworks at the main entrance of Sittard-Geleen

Sittard-Geleen, January 29, 2018 – The Artworks “Unity in Diversity” will be built this week at the city entrances. With the installation of three works of art, the appearance of the main approach roads of Sittard-Geleen will be improved.

Alderman for culture Noël Lebens: “The works of art are not just art. They also embody the innovative nature of this municipality. This is the result of the collaboration between artist Eleni Kamma, primary school students and innovative companies from our region. ”

The artworks are designed by the internationally renowned artist Eleni Kamma. She was chosen by the art advisory committee from three artists who were approached to create a sketch design. The decision to place these works of art dates back to 2014. After the choice of the artist, a whole process went through before the actual realization of the works of art was a fact. The artworks were realized with financial support from DSM Nederland and the specialist knowledge of the companies Euro Fibers from Beek and Eurocarbon from Sittard.

Unity in diversity

The name of the artworks is “Unity in Variety”. Unity stands for the connection in and with the city. The diversity is depicted with various colors, which represent each part of the city. In consultation with primary school pupils, the artist has created a color shade that matches the three districts of Sittard-Geleen.

Dyneema was used to depict the character of the innovative business community. That is a material that is produced at DSM. The artist has thus met the demand to use innovative products and materials from the region. Each individual work of art consists of three columns of 12 meters. The columns are then connected with colored synthetic fibers from Dyneema.


Eurocarbon B.V.