Characteristics and applications of the flat aramid braid

An aramid braid is made of heat-resistant, strong synthetic fibers that are very wear-resistant. The braids are made from high-tenacity fibers and are non-tubular. The flat aramid braid consists of a single layer with excellent drape properties and resistance to crack propagation. It is available in various aerial weights:

  • 300g/m²
  • 400 g/m²
  • 500g/m²

Flatbraid curved

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An aramid braid can be found in many applications. For instance, a flat braid with a fiber orientation of 45° is often used to fuse two canoe halves together as it has two functional directions compared to fabric. The 45° orientation makes this braid ideally suited for handling torsional loads, but also to product heat insulating aramide gaskets.

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