Custom made braids and tapes

Besides our selection of standard programs, Eurocarbon produces a large variety of tailor made constructions.  The benefit is the construction can be fine-tuned to the performance of the part and therefore save costs or increase performance compared to a standard product. To define a new braid or woven tape, there is a minimum of information required to define tailor made construction.  In the next sections the required information is described.

Minimum required information for braids. 

• Diameter measured at 45 degree braiding angle (or diameter at specific angle).
• Fiber materials: f.i. Carbon, E-Glass, Aramid, etc
• Hybrid construction? We can braid f.i. Carbon and Glass.  Normally the ratio is 50/50 but other ratios can be selected.
• The weight of the braid at 45 degrees braiding angle / or the areal weight at 45 degrees.

If you have an existing sample for evaluation, please make sure it is approx. 20 cm in length.


Minimum required information for woven tapes

• Width of the tape
• Weight per m2
• Fibers in warp: Fiberglass, Aramid, Carbon, etc
• Fibers in weft : Fiberglass, Aramid, Carbon, etc
• Weave style (plain/twill/satin/other)
• Threads per cm in warp (if available)
• Threads per cm in weft (if available)

If the threads per cm in warp or weft are unknown, we need the ratio by weight for the warp and weft.
If you have an existing sample for evaluation, please make sure it is approx. 20 cm in length



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Strategic Partnership

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Highland Industries, Inc. has signed an agreement with Eurocarbon B.V. for the exclusive manufacture and sale of braided and woven products utilizing Eurocarbon’s proprietary braiding technology in North and South America.


Below you can see some random samples of our Standard Program.

Note: The images are scaled 1:1 (cm) for a realistic impression. Hover over the images for a colored preview or download our Folder